Ladder Rules and Instructions

The current boys and girls ladders are displayed on the website Display Ladder page. The ladder positions will be updated regularly.

Challengers need to enter their details and submit the Challenge Form on this website. The player and challenger will be advised by email that they need to play a match and the date by which it needs to be completed.

***Unseeded Players can challenge any other unseeded player or any of the bottom two players not unseeded***

The winner of the match needs to submit the results on the Challenge Results form within 24 hours of the completion of the match.


  1. The ladder is open to all Balmacewen Tennis Junior Premium and Junior Social member players. There are separate ladders for boys and girls.
  2. The ladder will be updated on the club website only.
  3. Challenges can take place at Balmacewen Tennis Club at any time.
  4. The challenge match must be played within 14 days of the challenge being made.
  5. If you cannot make a scheduled arranged challenge , you must contact the other player in advance with an explanation, or they win by default.
  6. In the event of wet weather or sickness/injury etc as per #5 above, with the match needing to be postponed, the players have one week to play the rescheduled match.
  7. If a player defaults a match or refuses to accept a challenge they will be moved down the ladder below the challenger.
  8. If a player is away for more than 1 week or injured, their place can be frozen for the period they are away/injured so they will not be challenged. The ladder manager must be advised.
  9. The challenger must provide balls of an inter-club standard - i.e. with the writing on the ball still legible.
  10. A seeded player may only challenge up to 2 places ahead on the ladder.
  11. A player only has to play one challenge per week (in order that the challenge is received).
  12. There must be a period of at least 2 weeks between the date a challenge is played and the date on which the loser may challenge the winner to a re-match.
  13. A challenge is to be first to 6 games (Hot Shots Grades and under) and first to 9 games for all others. No advantage. Sudden death on first deuce.
  14. Matches are to be self umpired without parental involvement.
  15. Matches between Tennis Otago juniors outside of the ladder challenges (eg. tournaments and inter-club matches) will not count towards our ladder.
  16. Juniors not currently on the ladder will be slotted in at a position decided by the ladder manager and in the absence of competitive play to determine otherwise will generally start at the bottom.
  17. In the event of disputes the ladder manager’s ruling will be final.
  18. To challenge: complete the Challenge Form on the website. The ladder manager will contact both players by email and advise them of the challenge and the date it is to be completed by.
  19. Results: it is the winner's duty to record the results in the Challenge Results Form on the website within 24 hours of the completion of the match.
  20. Any queries should be directed to the ladder manager by email