Alert Level 3

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29 April, 2020

Hi everyone

Unfortunately Balmacewen Tennis Club will remain CLOSED under level 3.  We hoped to open but have now received the 'toolkit' from Tennis NZ and the regulations prevent us from opening.  We know some of you will be disappointed, but below are some of the compliance rules required to be followed:

  The safety guidelines are complicated - before anyone can play they must fill out a 'Contact Tracing Form' online with Tennis NZ before booking a court.  This means we'd need to check you've filled out the form before we could let you book, and we'd be required to then have you complete an online booking form.  Then we'd need to know what time you are playing so that one or us (myself or another committee member) could be on hand to monitor you.  Then we'd need to ensure that you're playing within your bubble and that you haven't bought spectators, that you're not sharing equipment, and that you're washing your hands before and after play (not possible as the clubhouse is required to be closed), and not touching any shared surfaces etc.  And the list goes on some more! 

Large clubs like Parnell, Auckland, which was shown on TV1 News (sub $695 per adult) will open under the very strict rules, and are able to employ people to monitor members.  We don't have this luxury - we are run entirely by volunteers. 

So apologies but we must stay safe so Balmacewen must remain CLOSED under level 3.  Hopefully level 2 is not far away, and we can all be back on the court (while fully respecting and enforcing the rules which will come with level 2) in the not too distant future. 

Thank you for your understanding - we were keen to see the courts open, but we just cant do it!  Take care everyone.  (PS - as of today only 8 clubs (with staff employed) have opened across the country.)

Kindest regards on behalf of the committee


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