Friday Coaching News

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18 February, 2021

Hi everyone

I apologise for having to send this email.  Following some problems with the men's toilets being left in very poor condition after coaching times last year the golf club has now reported that the women's toilets were blocked and flooded on Friday evening.  They have requested that we do not use the golf club toilets, and must use the toilet in the tennis equipment room situated at the bottom of the outside stairs.  There is to be no further use of the golf club toilets.  The toilet and hand basin in the tennis club storage room are in old and very stained condition, but have been cleaned yesterday.  Only the hot tap works.  There is a bottle of hand sanitiser on a small table inside the main room door.

Drink bottles are to be filled using the tap situated at the bottom of the stairs opposite the tennis room door.  There is to be no water or ice obtained from the bar, and the children are requested not to enter the bar area at all.  Adults are still able to buy drinks and take them outside.

We apologise that these requirements are now in place.  This is a directive from the golf club which we are required to abide by.  Also apologies that if you have more than one child at coaching you will get this email twice.

Very best regards and I hope the sun continues to shine on Fridays and you are loving your tennis.


Thank you

Sarah Stevenson