Junior news 14-11-18

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14 November, 2018

Hi all

Just a reminder JUNIOR SOCIAL TENNIS (9 years and up) is on at the club on Wednesdays from 5.00 - 6.30 pm.  Last week there were only two juniors at social tennis, and as we are providing a coach to supervise each week we will not be able to continue with it if we don't get good numbers.  Remember it's also a great chance for junior teams to be having a practice and some hitting.  It will be on tomorrow, but if there isn't a substantial increase in numbers we will not be continuing with it in the future.  We are providing it for you - please come and make the most of it!

Also a reminder for coaching families - we try to go ahead with lessons unless it's wet and sometimes it is necessary to make a late call as the weather is so changeable.  We will always send an email if coaching is cancelled, but this may not happen until quite near the time.  We will be making up the lesson which was cancelled due to rain last  Friday at a later date  which will  be advised in due course.

Don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any queries.

Kind regards

Sarah Stevenson