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Friday Coaching News

Hi everyone

I apologise for having to send this email.   Following some problems with the men's toilets being left in very poor condition after coaching times last year the golf club has now reported that the women's toilets were blocked and flooded on Friday evening.

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February 2021 Update

Hi all

Hope you have all had a good holiday break!  Here are the coaching dates for junior coaching for this term:

Wednesdays - 3, 10, 17, 24 February, 3, 10, 17, 24 March.

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November News

Hi everyone

Thank you to all who have paid their subs/coaching fees.   Unpaid fees are now overdue, and prompt payment would be much appreciated.   If you are unsure of the amount you are to pay let me know and I will clarify.   The club bank account is shown at the bottom of this email.

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Photos from Love Tennis weekend


IMG-3753. MP4

IMG-3752. MP4

Thank you Mary Lyons for these Photos 

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Love Tennis weekend 10th & 11th October

Thanks to all those people who came along for the Love Tennis weekend. The weather was fine and a great time was had. Special thanks to Sarah Stevenson who spent many hours organising the weekend and arranging many people to help out. It was a big job.