Subscription Price:


Individual Registration 2021-2022 


Terms and Conditions
  1. All subscriptions include GST. (GST registration number 42-981-152).
  2. 2/3 of subscription joining after 1st January, 1/2 of subscription joining after 1st March.
  3. Members playing in teams may be excluded from their team if their subscription is not paid in full by 31/10/21
  4. Keys @ $25 each are required to enter the courts.
  5. Personal details such as members’ names, addresses, photos taken at the club and telephone numbers and email addresses will be included on membership lists which may be displayed at the clubhouse or club noticeboard or club website and Facebook page and/or circulated to other members from time to time.
  6. As a condition of its affiliation Tennis Otago and Tennis New Zealand, the club is required each year to forward details of the name, address, telephone number, email (if relevant) and office held (if relevant) of all members to the Tennis Otago and Tennis NZ to be kept as part of their records (including Tennis Otago levy purposes).
  7. Subscriptions remaining unpaid in full or part at 31 December, 2021, will be liable for an additional fee of $30.
  8. ***NEW*** 4 x 1monthly automatic payments direct to our bank.
  9. A manual Registration form is available on the Contact page if needed 
  10. Members accept due to being in a golf club there is a small risk of injury from stray golf balls.

Our Account number is 03-0905-0056770-000 Please include your name and initials.